Intergroup Service Commitments

Open Commitments at Intergroup

It’s suggested a Service Chair has at least two years of continuous sobriety. Please come to the Intergroup IGR meeting or contact us at for more information on the service opening.

Open Board Commitments (two years of service, two years of continous sobriety)

  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary

Open Committee Chairs (two years of service, two years of continous sobriety)

  • Newsletter

Committees You Can Join (any amount of service, any amount of sobriety)

  • Activities
  • Archives
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Corrections
  • Hotline
  • Institutions
  • Newsletter
  • Central Office
  • Public Information
  • Unity
  • Website & Text Blast

Other ways to be of service to NEPA AA Intergroup

  • Work and help fold meeting lists at our Pittston Office
  • Adopt a spot for Public Information Committee
  • Sign up with Bridging the Gap Committee
  • Take A.A. meetings in prisons and institutions through Corrections Committee or Institutions Committee
  • Booker Meetings through the Unity Committee
  • Help with annual NEPA Intergroup events through Activities Committee
  • Answer the Hotline
  • Be added to the 12 Step call list through Hotline Coordinator
  • Submit your Experience, Strength and Hope to the Newsletter Committee

To review NEPAIG BYLAWS for information on service positions, members can view or download a copy of our NEPAIG BYLAWS here